Vandercook – Power 219AB, new style




Model Number: Power 219AB, new style

Here is a larger Vandy

Adjustable bed

Boxcar Base comes with it (about 13×19)

New rubber rollers

No. Power 219 Test Press 4/15/49 SN: 17372 approx 1954

From 1957 Vandercook catalog:
Bed: 19″ × 42½”
Maximum sheet: 18¾” × 28″
Maximum form: 18″ × 24″
Floor space: 2’8″ × 10’9″
Weight: 3100 lb

Bed adjustable within .240″ range. Powered impression cylinder — pressing the clutch pedal sends it back and forth. Motor-driven ink drum. Adjustable cylinder stops for short or long forms.  can-fed automatic ink feed.



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