Vegafin 105G Window Patch Machine




New in 2001

Model Vegafina 105G (with Blanking the E has stripping}

Here are specs on a similar machine

VEGA FINESTER 105 E Windows patcher machine light 105 centimeters for the application of plastic films onto the blanks, Year 2001, complete with all the options for cutting and creasing, Windows patcher VEGA FINESTER 105 E is the perfect machine for film application onto the blanks. It has a solid structure and it is easy and simple to use. Convertible Material: Solid board 180–500 g/m2, Corrugated E, N, F and B flute, Film material thickness: 50–200 µm, speed: 20–170 m/min, Can be seen in production.2 Lane Capacity, Continuous Bump Feeder,
Max Blank Width – 1050mm, Max Blank Length – 1055mm,
Film Length Max – 750mm Film Width Max – 920mm,
Film Length Min – 2″ Film Width Min – 1.2” Can be seen in production in western USA

The price is $85,000 exsite



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