1050 Die Cutter (Not Chinese but Taiwanese) Added Specifications and more Information

A 2003 41″x29″ or 75×195 cm

With Stripping




2003 Die Cutter 75×105 cm or 41×29″ with stripping.

Serial number 200816

I made 5 videos


The price is $45,000 LOADED

The buyer can come and learn the machine

It is running daily, they are buying a new on, this should be available some time in June.

Here is  video of another 1050CS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udEjjNxBjI8



》Diecutting & Stripping Machine BD-1050CS >> Machinery Introduction

               Touch-screen            TOP
  1. Display all information during operation.
  2. Setting function for die cutting pressure/paper insert length indications etc.

              Paper feeding divice           TOP

  1. Excellent and delicate feeder design that allows steady and accurate paper feeding
  2. Height and angle of one suction and two suctions can be adjusted individually
  3. Height and angle of first suction and second suctions can be adjusted individually.
  4. Outfitted with preparation paper accumulation platform to enhance production volume and performance.
  5. Outfitted with non-stop feeding speedy automatic conversion between main/ auxiliary paper rack.
           Conveyance positioning structure        TOP
  1. Push/pull device for horizontal positioning.Conversion is easy and simple and facilitate selection of paper.
  2. During operation the two sets or front positioning can arbitrarily adjust the tolerance of front and back/slanting.
  3. Double sheet device that can check whether there is double sheet feeding and it will shutdown to protect machine.
  4. Automatic shutdown device that can check for abnormal precision of paper feed front / horizontal positioning.
  5. Paper feed belt buffer device – to stabilize accuracy of thin paper.
             Pressing unit              TOP
  1. US import pressure controller.
    Automatic shutdown when die cut pressure is over 300 tons in order to ensure mechanical safety.
  2. Electrical equipment digital control for die cut pressure adjustment.Can be displayed on the screen for recording and setting.
  3. Die frame adopts air pressure pinching.
              Die cutting unit              TOP
  1. Curve operation structure with heavy loading durability Stable pressure, high precision,wear and tear durability.
  2. Safety die cutting frame design, Easy installation and dismantling. Rotation die frame design that allows easy replacement of die cutters.
  3. Imported excellent hardness die cut steel sheet,durable and wear and tear resistance.
             Stripping unit              TOP
  1. Residue removal upper and lower push pin. Easy installation and dismantling. Adjustment is simple and quick.
  2. Upper structure can be elevated or lowered depending on requirement.
           Paper margin disposal structure        TOP
  • Paper margin disposal discharge design is only available in model PD-1050CS.
              Delivery unit             TOP
  1. Brush and lower / side nozzle are utilized to stabilize of uniform paper collection.
  2. Non-stop delivery for full paper during operation.
  3. Arbitary paper number setting with paper indicator insert device.
  4. Can set total paper number and automatic shutdown function.

》Diecutting & Stripping Machine BD-1050C S>> Main Functions

  1. LCD serene dialogue window displays all kinds of information with recording and setting functions.
  2. Feeder can start to feed the first sheet of paper during high speed operation with fast speed and high accuracy.
  3. Adopts paper catch pincer that can ensure accuracy during high speed operation.
  4. Electronic control for slight left and right adjustment of feeder platform.
  5. Paper feed belt buffer structure. Thin paper can be die cut easily, quickly, and accurately.
  6. Lubrication oil constant temperature control that can solve the unevenness of cold shrinkage and heat expansion problem and can also protect machine from wear and tear.
  7. Electronic control digital display for die cut pressure. Operation is easy, clear and fast.
  8. Imported excellent hardness die cut steel plate. Solid and durable and is hard to be damaged.
  9. Die cut pressure protection device. Automatic shutdown when pressure is over 300 tons so as to ensure mechanical safety.
  10. Electronic control air pressure type for wedging of die frame. Speedy, light and easy operation.
  11. European main chain and vacuum pump. Durable and not easy to be damaged.
  12. Comes with non-stop feeding and delivery with automatic subsidiary paper collection rack. Speedy automatic conversion.

》Diecutting & Stripping Machine BD-1050CS >> Machinery Specifications

max. paper size 1050mm × 750mm
min. paper size 400mm × 370mm
max. die cutting size 1040mm × 730mm
max. cutting pressure 300tons
min./max. thickness paper 80g/㎡ ~ 1500g/㎡
max. corrugated board 4mm
min. gripper margin 8mm
max. machine speed 7500 Sheets/hr
inner size of chase 1145mm × 755mm
size of steel plate 1080mm × 736mm
max. feeder overlap height (with platform〉 1250mm
max. delivery overlap height(with platform) 1150mm
machine total power 20kw
machine length 7060mm
machine width 3470mm
machine height 2500mm
machine weight〈approx.〉 15.6 tons
★  Specifications are change without notice for improvement.
》Diecutting & Stripping Machine BD-1050CS >> Machinery Dimension














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